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Macquarie Bank’s First Female Successor

Breaking News!

The highest paid banking CEO in Australia’s ASX 200 is a woman, named Shemara Wikramanayake [3]. Macquarie Bank is #leadingtheway with the appointment of Shemara as their new female successor to ex CEO Nicholas Moore.

macq female successor

Sherma’s impressive work experience speaks volumes to her where she is today. It’s awesome to see how she is a UNSW alumni student who graduated with a degree in commerce and law. She continued with her studies at Harvard University, finishing her degree in advanced management [2]. From then on, her successes continued to accumulate, working as a corporate lawyer at Blake Dawson Waldron to eventually joining the team at Macquarie in 1987 [2]. One of her key accomplishments during her 30 years with the company, was her ability to take charge of a $495 billion asset management arm for over 10 years! [1]

Her evident determination and sharp focus to move up the ranks within her career is a testament to the empowering nature of ambition.

Sherma is an ideal model for young millennials entering the workforce to remember, that attaining a position of leadership is possible. Despite adversities that may hinder you along the way, the power of ambition can propel you to surpass the expectations of those around you.

Are there any other female CEO’s who you inspire you? Let us know on the comments below with the hashtag #boredofdirectors, and tell us about how they’re #leadingtheway.


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